Final Digital Studies Project

For my final project in Digital Studies 101, I plan to build on the work I have completed in class and build out my main domain. My intent is to write about those things that interest me or that I have experienced.

The image shows me standing in my little "quiet corner of the world." I am standing on the balcony of the Das Tegernsee hotel holding a glass of  "Tegernsee Hell." Behind me are the beautiful Bavrian mountains and lake Tegernsee.

My experiences/travels through Bavaria/Austria

  • Create a podcast
  • Create a video
  • Add Images

My thoughts on films and literature

  • Add images
  • Add reviews/thoughts
  • Add cuts from films
  • Create a podcast


  • Follow all accessibility guidelines taught this semester
  • Give credit to the creator of any material under copyright
  • Media/source credit
  • Ensure information accuracy
  • License my work
  • Incorporate the feedback the Professor provides on the project idea post

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