The meaning of my graphics:

  • The new header design represents one of my favorite pass times: cappuccino! The new header design also shows the crest of the city of Bad Tolz in southern Bavaria.
  • This graphic depicts the crest of the city of Tegernsee in Southern Bavaria as its’ center motif. I selected this design as it represents a very special place for my wife and me. I spend most of my summer days with my wife enjoying the beauty of this part of the world.
Image shows the lake Trgernsee city crest depicting four separate fields, two fields with three golden crowns each and two fields with a sea flower. The background shows a blue starburst, and the left side framed in a green vine.
Graphic courtesy of VECTOR and Ludwig design

The process:

  • The header design used CANVA as its base with graphic art added by me. The software was easy to use, especially the “click and drag” feature for moving graphics to the base slide.
  • The second image with the Tegernsee crest was designed using Vector software, which was very easy to use. I imported the graphic of the coat of arms and added the gradient background along with a blue starburst and the green vine to the left border.

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