The Salzburg, Austria Christmas Market

The image shows the Salzburg Christmas market. The center of the image shows the booths of the artisans selling their wares surrounded by a church of the city square. The image is taken at sunset, providing a profile of the surrounding high ground.

The subject of my audio track is the wonderful Salzburg Christmas Market and why it is one of the best in Europe. Salzburg is truly a very special place throughout the year but, it is even more special during Christmas. There is something for everyone.

I found the process of recording very difficult. The SOUNDTRAP software offered a variety of soundtracks and audio editing options but, I found that trying to manipulate the audio track and the sound tracks very difficult and eventually could not get the timing to my satisfaction. The large variety of music tracks and sound effects is very helpful and provided everything that I needed for this project. I used a sound booth at the Hurley Convergence Center along with my HP headset microphone to record.

I used the following sources in my research and the following software to build my audio recording:

  • Salzburg Christmas Market 2023 – Dates, hotels, things to do, – Europe’s Best Destinations ( According to, this site is very reliable with a high trust factor. The domain was registered in 2009 and no “red flags” were found by webparanoid. There are also social links to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Salzburg Christmas Markets | 2023 Dates, Locations & Must-Knows! – Christmas Markets in Europe. New website established in 2023 does not have any reviews or evaluations on the WWW. However, it is linked to Amazon and Their privacy policy seems straight forward and includes Google Analytics and other control measures.
  • Both audio soundtracks, the background noise of Hamburg Christmas Market and the piano bells courtesy of SOUNDTRAP.
  • TRANSCRIPT OF AUDIO TRACK: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for listening to my podcast. The subject of today’s podcast is a 2023 Salzburg Christmas Market. The most beautiful in Austria. Salzburg is known as the city of Mozart, and in my opinion it’s also the city of Cappuccino. At the Salzburg Christmas market you can experience both. You can listen to classical Mozart while wandering around the Christmas stalls and taking a break with delicious cappuccino. Situated in front of Salzburg Cathedral with glimpses of the famous Holland Salzburg fortunes it lies above, Christmas in Salzburg is traditional, musical and magical. In the heart of Salzburg, the Christmas mark creates an authentic festive experience. You’ll be surrounded by aromas of gingerbread, warm spice wine called glue line and Hardy Austrian street food. The dates for the Salzer Christmas market are 23 November to the 1st of January 2024. Thank you for your attention.

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